Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Palawan Island

Palawan Island is the second largest province in the Philippines, is located between Mindoro Island and  North Borneo.Palawan is famous for their unique corals and endemic wildlife in fact their is about 232 endemic species in Palawan.

 Palawan is also famous for divers because of their unique corals and marine life with crystal clear water and white sandy beaches.

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Sunday, December 5, 2010


     With 7107 islands, the Philippines offers you endless opportunities to discover the treasures that this tropical paradise bears. From its beaches to its landmarks, from the different cultures to the people, every footstep has a surprise to unveil.

    Known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, the Philippines is you place you will never want to leave. With the array of natural resources, this is a country that should be number one on your lists.

   This blog is just a glimpse of what the Philippines hides in its backyard. Now is the time to personally discover for yourself the naturally-blessed country the Philippines is.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Siargao island

Siargao Island is located in Surigao Del Norte in northestern tip of Mindanao It's known for wave surfing and the famous CLOUD 9 the latest sports and tourist attraction to take and is well know as the Surfing capital of the Philippines.

Siargao is a tear-drop shape island it has a land mass of 437km. tourist will surely love the views of this island expecialy surfers.

Antulang Beach Resort (Negros Oriental Oriental)

Antulang Beach Resort is located 40km south of Dumaguete City, in the Municipality 
of Siaton Negros Oriental. Antulang is known for it's white sand and private pools 
positioned near at the cliff's edge. It's also one of the best tourist spot in Negros Oriental.


Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls is located 9.3km southwest of Iligan City, it's a 320 feet high water fall and it's the main source of electricity control by Agus VI Hydro electronic Plant operated by NPC (National Power Corporation). It's not 
only giving Iligan City It's Electric Supply but 70% of whole Mindanao.

Maria Cristina Falls

Besides of i'ts power source Maria Cristina Falls
or the Twin Lake is one of our treasures here in our country.

Siquijor Island

Siquijor Island is not only known for their reputation as the island of witches, commonly known as the place of "Mang Babarang" (witchcraft) and other supernatural beings that haunt the island.That gives the other neighboring island the fear. But so much for their reputation Siquijor is one of the best tourist spot in the Philippines. For example their famous Cambugahay Falls located in the town of Lazi. Tourist are attracted to this fall because this is one of the deepest falls and one of the best looking views in the island, nature lover will surely love! 

Cambugahay Falls

 Another tourist spot in Siquijor is the Oldest Enchanting Balete tree located in Lazi. This tree is one of the oldest here in the Philippines  is said to cover an entire hectare of land and it's consider as one of Siquijor's pride. 

One of the Oldest Balete Tree in the Philippines

 Another spot is the Salagdoong Beach located at the eastern part of Siquijor, this beach has a white sand that covers the whole beach and it has clear crystal water. It has fantastic shoreline views that can attract tourist.

Salagdoong Beach


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